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The Annoying Gift Box

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Primary Color = Box, Lid, Bolts & Screwdriver (RED in photo)
Secondary Color = Ribbon & Side Brackets (GOLD in photo)

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The Annoying Gift Box

The ultimate way to turn your perfectly ordinary gift into a prank gift...kind of.  This fully 3D printed gift box is made with durable PLA material and is designed to be ever so slightly irritating to open, unless you enjoy having to remove 20 bolts to get to the gift inside!

Not only is this gift a creative way to change up any gift giving occasion, but it can also be used as a satisfying fidget!  It is sized to hold gift card-sized items with room to spare.

Box Inner Dimensions:
L:  3.4" (88mm)
W: 3.4" (88 mm)
H: 2.5" (65 mm)

To order:
1) Choose a primary color (Box, Lid, Key, and Bolts)
2) Choose a secondary color (Ribbon, Side Brackets)

**I cannot currently accommodate custom color requests so what you see is what is available, but hopefully soon I will be able to add more color options!


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