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Fire Hydrant Stash Container/Geocache


**ATTENTION:  Products are made to order. Current Shipping Time is at about 1-1.5 weeks after the order is placed!

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The Fire Hydrant Stash Container/Geocache!  Not to be confused with the Giant Version you may have seen on social media, this is the desktop-sized version.  This 3D-printed stash container stands at 6" tall and over 3.5" at its widest point,  and it works great as a secret stash compartment for your small valuables.  **See diagram in photo gallery for internal storage dimensions.

When purchasing this Stash Container you have the choice of which color you want it printed in, and which inner container you would like.  The "Full Container" has one larger storage chamber, whereas the "Secret Stash" container has a small "secret" compartment below, splitting the storage space up into 2 different compartments.


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The Fire Hydrant Stash Container

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