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The Annoying Valentine’s Box

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Primary Color = Box, Lid (Top), Bolts & Screwdriver (RED in photo)
Secondary Color = Ribbon & Bottom of Lid (Around Bolts) (GOLD in photo)

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The Annoying Valentine's Box

Looking for a unique and hilarious Valentine's Day gift for your special someone? Look no further than The Annoying Valentine's Box! This fully 3D printed gift box is guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one's face. Made with high quality PLA, The Annoying Valentine's Box is designed to be a challenge to open.

Nothing tricky, just an irritating 25 bolts that must be removed before the real gift inside can be revealed. Whether you choose to fill it with chocolates, jewelry, or a small trinket, The Annoying Valentine's Box is sure to be a memorable and entertaining gift for any occasion.

Not only is this gift a creative way to change up any gift giving occasion, but it can also be used as a satisfying fidget!

Box Inner Dimensions:
L:  3" (74mm)
W: 4.3" (107 mm)
H: 1.25" (32 mm)

To order:
1) Choose a primary color (Box, Lid Top Color, Bolts, and Screwdriver)
2) Choose a secondary color (Ribbon, Lid Bottom Color)

**I cannot currently accommodate custom color requests so what you see is what is available, but hopefully soon I will be able to add more color options!


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